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Absinthe Las Vegas

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  • Absinthe in Las Vegas is an adult-oriented show.
  • It features a mix of comedy and incredible acrobatic stunts.
  • The Las Vegas Absinthe show takes place in a tent at Caesars Palace.

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Caesars Palace
3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
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Jason Bushey

(Site Editor)

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Absinthe - Raunchy comedy + Burlesque show + Amazing acrobats = Best Vegas Show Ever

Now THIS was the Las Vegas show I had always wanted to see. Or ... shows. Absinthe is basically three different shows wrapped into one action-packed variety hour (well, 90 minutes) that will make you laugh, cry (from the laughing, but still) and sit awestruck at the stunts being performed in front of you. And the best part about Absinthe?

It all takes place about 6 feet or less from the audience Seriously.

First - Logistics. I spent a half-hour (probably more) in line at the discount booth near the Flamingo waiting in line for cheap-ish tickets to Absinthe. I ended up paying $60 for my ticket - which is between $10- $30 in savings. Not too shabby and probably worth it if you can stand the wait. (Tip: Go Early in the Morning)

Second - There's a bar outside the tent-like area that is the Absinthe Theater called Serendipity 3. Drinks are cheaper here than they are in the theater (yes, you can buy drinks in the theater), and there's ample room to sit at their outdoor bar and tables. Really convenient pre-show cocktail venue. Just remember...

Third - Almost ALL seats at the show are general admission, so it's first come, first serve. I thought for sure people would be packing into the theater 20 minutes before the show so I arrived pretty early, but as it turns out there were still a number of places to sit with less than 5 minutes to go before showtime. If you're going with a group of friends, arrive at least 15 minutes early; otherwise, I wouldn't be TOO worried about getting a seat because - frankly - every seat is awesome at Absinthe. The stage is in the middle of the audience, so it's a 360-degree show everyone can see equally.

Now, for the show: Unbelievable. Unforgettable. Hilarious. Sexy. Jaw-Dropping.

I know, I know; I look like I'm trying out to be a quote on their promotional poster. But seriously - I can't imagine a show more entertaining or engaging than Absinthe. They suck you in right away with a dangerous stunt - I won't give too much away, other than that it involves heights and chairs. From there, the beautiful Green Fairy does a classic burlesque routine (albeit with a little more acrobatics mixed in) complete with nipple tassles and jazz music. Then, to complete the introductions, the host of the show, the 'Gazillionaire Producer' and his adorable - and extremely raunchy - assistant Penny bring the laughs in what has to be some of the funniest live comedy I've EVER SEEN.

I'm not sure that the comedy is for everyone but, as someone who grew up on Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle and George Carlin, it was hitting all the right notes for me. (If you want a mild spoiler alert, type in "Penny Absinthe Las Vegas" into YouTube and watch a video of her most famous routine.) I was in tears I was laughing so hard, however I was about six rows back and those that were sitting right up front were definitely getting picked on a bit. If you don't like becoming part of the show, maybe grab one of the more discreet seats in the back.

The rest of the show combines some truly amazing acrobatics with even more sex appeal and raunch. There are world-renowned roller skaters (you read that right), Cirque-like acrobats and trapeze artists, and the three most amazing tightropers you'll ever witness live. (Plus another four or five acts I'm forgetting.) While these acts are pretty random, the show is held together like glue by the Gazillionaire and Penny, who trade hilarious barbs throughout while keeping the show interactive and flowing. 

I could say a million more things about Absinthe, but it really wouldn't do it any justice. Is it obscene? Yes. Hilarious? You betcha'. Politically correct? Hell NO. But it's probably the perfect show to see in Vegas if you're an adult who can take a joke or two. And even if you can't, the amazing acts taking place RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU are absolutely worth the price of admission.

Just go and see Absinthe, already.

This review was made by the site editor based on personal experience. EarlyVegas was not paid for this review, but we may receive compensation for placement of this travel provider advertisements on our site.

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The sprawling grounds offers a plethora of choices from the huge Garden of the Gods pool complex to the Qua Baths and Spa.

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Absinthe Las Vegas

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Customer Testimonial


An amazing show! Very funny, very raw, and lots of talented performers. DEFINITELY see this show! You won't be disappointed!


Jason B.

Price Range:


Features: Getting praise city-wide as possibly the best new Las Vegas show in years, Absinthe Las Vegas is hilarious, raunchy and impressive. Best described by the show as “Cirque du Soleil on crack”.

Why We Go: We have yet to hear one person say they didn’t enjoy Absinthe in Las Vegas. Taking place in a tent, this Las Vegas show is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

  • Acrobatics: Absinthe Las Vegas features some of the best acrobatic stunts on the Strip. Not only are these stunts extremely impressive, but they also take place within just a few feet of the audience.
  • Comedy: The mix of comedy and acrobatics make Absinthe in Las Vegas into one entertaining extravaganza. Expect the unexpected, especially a lot of swear words and sex humor.

Inside Knowledge: Save money on Las Vegas show tickets by taking advantage of the guys in front of Absinthe’s tent that hand out $20 off coupons before the show.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get There Early: There are no assigned seats at Absinthe in Las Vegas. So while there isn’t a bad seat in the house, be sure to get there early in order for your whole group to sit together.
  • Don’t Sit in the Front Unless you Want to Be a Part of the Show: The performers in the Las Vegas Absinthe show try to involve the audience in the show, which can include cracking jokes about them. If you don’t want to be a part of the show then we suggest not sitting in the front three rows.