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Holidays in Las Vegas NV

If we've heard it once, we've heard it a million times. Everyone advises you to go to Vegas during the off-season to get the best prices, the shortest lines and avoid the utter chaos.

Sin City Holiday Vacation

Las Vegas may be a very non-traditional holiday vacation choice. You're more likely to catch a burlesque show than a round of carolers - but still, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! A number of MGM Resorts properties are dishing out special holiday menus this December, so make sure to book your dinner reservations!

Vegas Painting Parties is the perfect addition to any Las Vegas vacation

One Las Vegas business is helping patrons “paint the town” in a whole new way. Vegas painting parties allow clients to create their very own work of art in a relaxing, fun environment. Enjoy food, drinks and music at a local host restaurant while testing your creative abilities. Even if you failed art in high shcool, this party is perfect because all supplies are included and an encouraging artist demonstrates with simple, step-by-step instructions.

 Las Vegas this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here -  you've booked your hotel, you've planned your time at the slots and table, and you've got tickets to see your favorite show on the Strip. Now all that's left to do is flush out the rest of your holiday in Vegas.

Best New Restaurants in Vegas

New restaurants in Vegas sprout up seemingly every other week. Sin City knows how to keep it fresh, and while this used to be the city of the buffet, these days it's more of a fine-dining HUB than anything else. (Don't believe us?

View of Las Vegas Strip Nevada

If sightseeing is what you came to do in Las Vegas, sightseeing is what you'll get, and we know of all the best views in Vegas that will show you all the most impressive sights while quietly sipping those aforementioned margaritas.

Las Vegas Gondola Adventures offers romance, dining, weddings and more

Whether you are looking for a romantic Las Vegas vacation or a unique Las Vegas tour, Gondola adventures is sure to be the highlight of any trip. Gondola Adventures Las Vegas has been featured by a multitude of media outlets and was named #2 of the nations top 5 Floating Feasts on The Food Network Show “Top 5.” Step aboard a beautifully crafted, unique wooden gondolas. The fleet is equipped to handle large parties, couples, weddings and on-board dining. No wonder Gondola Adventures has been a Lake Las Vegas mainstay for 10 years.

Traditional Cruises

We've all been there; missing flights is an extremely easy thing to do, unfortunately. (Seriously - you've seen Home Alone, right?) While many of us miss a flight because we overslept, looked at the wrong time, packed all the wrong things that got us on the TSA's $@#^ list, it's even easier to miss a flight when you're headed home from Vegas. We've all made these classic mistakes at one point or another. (So. Many. Distractions.)

The Walking Gourmet Tour in Las Vegas is a Foodie's Dream Come True

Las Vegas is clearly a thriving dining destination. There’s so much more than lousy buffets and overpriced steak houses these days. However, with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, there’s one Las Vegas tour that is a foodie’s dream come true. The Walking Gourmet is a guided food sampling tour of some of Las Vegas’ best restaurants and specialty eateries.

Best Ice Cream Places in Las Vegas

Since it's seriously hot out there in Vegas... pretty much always, we decided to sweat out today's blog by thinking about cool thoughts - namely, the best places to grab an ice cream cone in Las Vegas.

After all, nothing says "summer" like a sundae (or a boozy milkshake for that matter), and aside from a frozen margarita enjoyed under a misting station poolside, we can't think of anything more refreshing on a warm afternoon in Las Vegas.