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  • The Jabbawockeez Las Vegas are originally from San Diego, CA.
  • The Las Vegas Jabbawockeez have been an active dance crew since 2003.
  • The Jabbawockeez earned $100,000 for winning season one of America's Best Dance Crew in 2008.

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3900 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
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Ages three and older

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Jason Bushey

(Site Editor)

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Jabbawockeez - Best Breakdancers in Vegas

First off, let me say this: Mondays are NOT the day to see a show in Vegas. Your options are limited, as several shows go dark mid-week, and you will usually end up seeing your third or fourth choice. Which is how I ended up at Jabbawockeez - admittedly not my first choice to see, but something I walked away pleasantly surprised by.

I was aware of the Jabbawockeez based on a performance they did at the NBA All Star Game a few years back. I never caught them on the MTV dance competition that made them famous, nor was I very familiar with their dance routine. So basically, I went into this show pretty blind.

(Quick side note: I was able to score a ticket for 15% off by signing up for a free MLife card with MGM. This is one of those cards you plug into video poker machines and swipe when you buy shows to build up credit. It was extremely simple to set up, and I wound up getting a ticket for less than $60. I would definitely recommend taking an extra minute to get one of these, as it turned out to be well worth it.)

However, the Jabbawockeez did not disappoint. The dancers got the crowd warmed up by bringing a few audience members to the stage for some comic relief - which ended up being a huge part of the show. Given the fact that the dancers don't talk and wear those famous white masks, the humor is basically slapstick and leans on mime techniques and a well-timed soundtrack. And it totally works. The show plays out like a good PG movie; hilarious for kids, with just enough clever innuendo to put a smile on the adults' faces as well.

Now for the dancing, which can be summed up in one word: Amazing. I've seen break dancers before, but never in such synchronicity with one another. The uniforms and the masks really give the Jabbawockeez a "team" dynamic, even when one dancer busts out of the pack to the front of the stage to dazzle.

Also, the sets are incredible. In particular, the robotic lights set in which the dancers' movements light up the background behind them with perfect timing (this sounds weird, but, think of the "POP" video by 'NSYNC ... and then go ahead and forget I said that) was my favorite. Also, the music choices really span all eras, from Queen to Coldplay and recent hip hop favorites, as well as original beats from ABDC made specifically for this show. I could have used even more "Single Ladies" choreography, but I suppose 30 seconds was enough.

While the lack of a plot and the somewhat-repetitive dance numbers make the show drag a little, overall the show was well-timed and entertaining throughout. If you're looking for a family friendly show that will not only keep the kids engaged but your own eyes as well, I would absolutely recommend Jabbawockeez. If you're on a couples getaway or with a group of friends, maybe consider other, more adult shows first, but definitely keep the Jabbawockeez show in mind as a backup. 

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The Luxor's brilliant beam of light attracts Las Vegas tourists like moths to the flame. These out-of-towners come to the Egyptian-themed party palace to experience the biggest and best that the City of Sin has to offer.

The Luxor Las Vegas offers favorite Las Vegas restaurants like TENDER Steak and Seafood, T&T Tacos and Tequila and the renowned Burger Bar. When you're ready to party, the Luxor is home to some of the best Las Vegas nightclubs along the Strip including LAX. For live entertainment in Las Vegas, look no further than Criss Angel Believe, Fantasy or Carrot Top.

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Be Amazed by Masked Dancing Jabbawockeez at Luxor

Customer Testimonial


Amazing. I hopped on a plane to Vegas to see this show and it was better than I had anticipated! Whether you've never heard of them or you're their biggest fan, you will be highly entertained.


Kelli E.

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Features: The all-male hip hop dance crew known for their innovative dance routines and expressionless plain white masks are now performing in "Prism" at Luxor Las Vegas. The new Luxor venue features a brand new theater built exclusively for the dance crew.

Why We Go: With the national exposure gained by winning the first season of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, the Jabbawockeez have become a Las Vegas phenomenon. Their show, "Prism," is a true celebration of the imagination.

  • Familiar Routines: The majority of "Prism" is filled with creative never-before-seen dances, however be prepared to see some of your favorite classics by the Jabbawockeez in Las Vegas.
  • Their Famous Masks: Their white expressionless masks and white gloves aren't just some gimmick. During this audiovisual story, the masks and gloves help keep the audiences attention on the group's intricate in sync moves rather then on an individual performer.

Inside Knowledge: The Jabbawockeez in Vegas came up with their name based on the mythical dragon in Lewis Carroll's famous poem "Jabberwocky."

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do enjoy the view: The new Jabbawockeez Theater at at Luxor was built with the audience above the stage, so audience members don't miss any of the action.
  • Don't blink: "Prism" features intense dance moves and split-second choreography. Don't be caught with your head down while the Jabbawockeez pull off a surprise stunt.