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Pools In Vegas

Las Vegas Pools

Las Vegas Pools - The Basics

Las Vegas pools have transformed from a simple Vegas hotel add-on to one of the main attractions for a Vegas vacation. From the notorious weekend pool parties to the awesome poolside concerts and events that have become a staple of the summer schedule, pools in Vegas have moved to the forefront of the best attractions in Sin City. However, in a city filled with attractive pools to choose from, finding the best Las Vegas pool for you and your party is as crucial as finding a Las Vegas hotel - especially in the hot summer months.

Choosing a Las Vegas Pool

Las Vegas hotels cater to their demographic and so do their pools. Las Vegas pools are a destination in their own right, with dining and entertainment options to match. From serene lounge pools to wet n' wild pool parties, Sin City (once again) has it all.

Las Vegas Party Pools

Las Vegas Pool Parties

Party pools in Vegas are the types of attractions that are coveted by many of the younger visitors who venture to Sin City during the summer months. The essence of a Vegas pool party usually involves three things: strong drinks, good music, and less than half-clothed people enjoying an abundance of both.

Here's our List of the Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas:

  • The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Pool - The pool at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one of the most sought-out pools in Vegas. Every day, visitors escape the heat by going to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Pool where there’s a beach area, swim-up gambling, frozen alcoholic concoctions, and live music that even plays underwater. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Pool hosts Rehab, on Sundays, which packs the pool with tanned and fit bodies, and draws celebrities and famous DJ’s from all over the world.
    • Inside Information: To be frank, a day at Rehab is not going to be cheap; you've seen this pool party on TV, right? Between paying for drinks and entrance fees, the expenses can rack up in a hurry. That is unless you book one of their Rehab Pool Package deals, which are generally available during the summer and include two wristbands into this exclusive Vegas pool party. A must if you plan on partying poolside in Vegas!
  • The Palms Pool - The Palms Pool Las Vegas is the chameleon of pools in Vegas; some days it's a chic, relaxing pool to kick back with a Margarita on a lounge chair, and sometimes - notably on Fridays and Saturdays - it transforms into one of the best party pools in Las Vegas. No matter when you come, expect smokin' hot bodies, cold drinks and beautiful scenery at this superb Off Strip pool in Las Vegas.
    • Inside Information: The party at the Palms Pool takes place everyday, but the energy hits a fever pitch during Ditch Fridays, which is the Palms marquee pool party. Ditch Fridays is a good alternative if you want to experience a Vegas pool party, but aren’t ready for the madness of Rehab, as it is a bit more subdued, and offers more space and casual partying.
  • Bare at the Mirage Pool - The massive pool complex at the Mirage Resort is set-up to offer something for every guest that comes. The tropical landscape and waterfalls beckon guests with all kinds of different sensibilities. It’s not considered the typical party pool, like the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino or the Palms Pool, but the fact that it hosts one of Vegas’ hottest up-and-coming pool parties at the Bare Pool, makes it a worthy Vegas party pool.
    • Inside Information: Bare is one of a growing number of pools in Vegas that features European-style bathing, which translates to tops optional. But there’s no obligation to lose your top here. Bare is a classy party that focuses on luxury and high-end services in an exclusive and subdued atmosphere, the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable.

Family-Friendly Vegas Pools

No one loves pools more than kids, and most parents would agree that spending just a few hours at a family-friendly Las Vegas pool is a great way to keep youngsters entertained while getting a tan and sipping a cocktail.

Here is a list of pools in Vegas for kids and adults alike:

Las Vegas Pools
  • Mandalay Bay Pool
    For Kids: The Pool at the Mandalay Bay is a kid's paradise, as it's equal parts water park as it is pool, plus the complex features a wave pool that sends an endless barrage of 3-foot rollers, and a lazy river that gently winds through the pool area.

    For Adults: While the kids are playing in the water, their parents can enjoy the prompt food and beverage service on the sandy Mandalay Beach, or the poolside casino, where shirts and shoes are not required.
  • Loews Lake Pool
    For Kids: The experience at the Loews Lake Pool is perfect for kids— there is a pool dedicated to hosting organized water activities, like basketball and volleyball, as well as a kiddie pool, where younger kids can wade and splash around safely.

    For Adults: The upper deck of the pool at Loews Lake is all about Vegas relaxation, with cabanas and lounge chairs lining the water. Also, adults enjoy having access to kayaks and rafts that they can take out on the adjacent Lake Las Vegas.
  • MGM Grand Pool
    For Kids: Kids love the MGM Pool complex for being an extensive property filled with gardens, pools, and waterworks that they can play and swim in. Each pool at the MGM is like a new adventure, which means that kids stay busy and entertained all day.

    For Adults: The adults-only pool at the MGM gives people a chance to get away from kids for awhile, and it also hosts the pool party Wet Republic, which is a celebrity hot spot.

The Wrap Up

The pools listed above are a good starting point, and the beginning of the road map to help you choose the Vegas pool that’s the best fit for your vacation. Of course, the list is not comprehensive, and there are many more pools in Las Vegas that offer different things.

Take a moment to look around at all of the pools, find your favorite, book a Las Vegas hotel room and make your next Vegas trip complete with a visit to the pool!